Underwater Treadmill


underwaterWalking on an underwater treadmill in a warm water environment has the benefits of producing increased joint range of motion, improved muscle flexibility and mobility, enhanced circulation and facilitation of front to rear and side-to-side balance. Because it can relieve pain and increase muscle strength while putting decreased weight on the joints it is extremely beneficial in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

For the dog requiring a more challenging workout, jets in the treadmill can be used while the dog is running or walking to increase resistance. Although some dogs prefer to be in the tank alone for their session, it is also possible for a trained staff member to be in the tank with your dog for extra security or assistance.



In Our Rehabilitation & Fitness Center:


nakita swim for pool thmb
In-Ground Heated Therapy Pool


underwater treadmil thmb

Underwater Treadmill


laser thmb tucker
Therapeutic Class IV Laser Therapy


estim thmb buddy
Intelect Vet Unit for Electro-Stim, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Combined E-Stim and Ultrasound


physio thmb bear peanut
Physiotherapy – Peanut Ball, Balance Board etc. (Page coming soon!)

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