Meara Gavin

I am a vet assistant at Greenfield Animal Hospital. I started about a  month and 1/2 ago, So in November of 21. Before I worked here, I did work at Petco in Queensbury for 2 years. What I like most about my job here is being able to meet all of our clients and their pets. Getting to know each one of them and their personalities is a lot of fun.

Vet medicine offers such a broad spectrum assortment of animals. I love seeing the different pets and their personalities. Being the person to comfort pets who are nervous or scared makes me really happy. I love being that person for them. One of the hardest parts about Vet medicine is having to say goodbye. Regardless if I have known the pet for a short time or a long time, its never an easy part of the job.

As for my own pets, I have a black lab grey hound mix named Jasper, and a Beagle named Kujo. I also have Hazel, Oliver and Simba who are my cats of the pack, and a corn snake named Draco.

Vet Services
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Rehab & Fitness Center
Greenfield Animal Hospital is proud to announce that our new small animal rehabilitation and fitness center is now open! This is a brand new state of the art facility houses numerous modalities.

Pet Salon & Spa
Utilizing part of the upstairs building, Greenfield Animal Hospital added on a full time Salon & Spa Grooming services in the Fall of 2012, to further provide all in one experience for you and your pet!