Spa Services

Pamper your best friend with these add on Spa Services!


Oatmeal Scrub… +$6

This organic colloidal oatmeal scrub exfoliates dead skin revealing the healthy skin underneath. The oatmeal delivers moisture to your pet’s coat and is a wonderful all natural treatment to further pamper your pet!

Facial Scrub… +$8

This facial massage, performed with EZ Groom’s Plum Scrub which has brighteners to help reduce facial staining, is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience for your pet and an ultimate in pampering!

Epsom Soak Bath… +$8

Having the same benefits as it would for humans, an Epsom Salts soak (which is not actually salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate) in a tub of warm water helps to relax the nervous system, soothe muscles or aching limbs, relieves dry skin, improve circulation and congestion and helps to draw toxins from the body. Another wonderful natural way to help your pet feel great!

Hot Oil… +$8

A hot oil treatment is warmed and applied as a full body massage! A wonderful luxurious way to reduce dandruff, deliver moisture to your pet’s coat and bring back that shine!

Mud Treatment… +$8

Mud baths don’t contain your everyday backyard soil. A soil composed of seaweed, volcanic ash, clay and other mineral-rich substances mixed with mineral or spring water is used. Mud soaks help to exfoliate the skin and deliver moisture revealing a shiny healthy coat. They also have an anti-inflammatory effect and can help alleviate aches and muscle pains. Full body massage included!

Nail Polish Application… +$10

Whether a holiday, special occasion or just for fun! Add a little flare to pamper your pet!

“Pawdicure”… +$15

Includes nail trim, filing and oil paw massage.

Fur Dyes… +$$ Cost based on level of complexity!

Whether a holiday, special occasion or just for fun, make your pet a work of art!

Flea Baths w/Oral Capstar… addt’l $19-22 (dependent on weight)

Get rid of those pesky parasites! Your pet is given an oral tablet called “Capstar” (About Capstar) which will immediately start killing off the adult flea population on your pet! Lasts for up to 24 hours! Paired with safe, gentle anti-flea shampoo to remove any dead fleas and kill any eggs or larvae left in the coat. You can be sure your taking your pet home flea free!

While pet is being treated and bathed, why not use this opportunity to clean and treat your pets environment! If you are seeing live fleas on your pet, the adult fleas are laying eggs which fall off your pet and into your carpets, couches and wood floors. Ask us about pet friendly area spray treatments and foggers!

Shedding and De-matting levels and charges to be determined by the groomer:

Excessive Shedding Treatments; Level 1-4… addt’l $5-20
De-matting; Level 1-4… addt’l $4-30

Vet Services
We provide a wide variety of veterinary services to assist you and your pet. Learn more about the services we offer and how we're different.

Rehab & Fitness Center
Greenfield Animal Hospital is proud to announce that our new small animal rehabilitation and fitness center is now open! This is a brand new state of the art facility houses numerous modalities.

Pet Salon & Spa
Utilizing part of the upstairs building, Greenfield Animal Hospital added on a full time Salon & Spa Grooming services in the Fall of 2012, to further provide all in one experience for you and your pet!